February Beauty Buys

Another month, another round of beauty products to try out and review. I don’t know what it is but my obsession with beauty and skincare has been increasing lately and it’s really weird because I am still not someone who wears a ton of makeup every day. Maybe it’s a little thirties crisis?

Either way, I’ve been enjoying discovering new products so much and the little makeup I do put on every day, whether it’s a more eye shadowy look or a lipstick just really boosts my mood so I’ve been sticking to it.

This month I officially ran out of my YSL Touche Éclat foundation, which I’ve had since late spring and which I’ve loved. SO much in fact that I took out the last drops of it with a cotton swab!

But for the sake of trying I wanted to test something different so I got this Too Faced Born This Way foundation (shade: Natural Beige). I was admittedly a little iffy about it at first because there was no one around to help me with choosing the right shade and I was actually really in a hurry so I just picked it out myself. And #humblebrag, I did it pretty well because I’ve been loving it. It took me a few days to get used to it because it felt a little different when I was putting it on for some reason but it looks great, doesn’t dry out my skin, and there’s no cakeiness whatsover. I’d say it’s medium coverage but you can build up on it if you want or go a little lighter too, which is what I do. It’s also about 15 EUR cheaper than the YSL.


While at the Too Faced counter I also picked up another does of the Better Than Sex mascara, which is a longtime favorite that really gives that full, yet natural lash look.

Next up is the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette, which I finally decided to take a chance on. I got the regular Nudes palette from Maybelline last year and was so disppointed by it that I really didn’t know if I should go for this one but I really wanted to try something pink and blushed. I’m happy to report that it’s NOTHING like the regular Nudes. The colors are super pigmented and pretty and they last the whole day. It’s absolutely perfect for daytime makeup!


Another amazing find I’m so happy with is the Bourjouis Radiance Reveal concealer (shade: 02). I’m running out of my Nars creamy concealer and I heard great things about this Bourjouis one so I picked it up at the drugstore the other day. I really, really like it and it’s such great value for your money. I’d say it doesn’t conceal my dark circles as much as it brightens that area, if that makes sense. It’s easier to apply than the Nars, probably because the Nars is a little thicker and settles faster. Radiance Reveal is also super hydrating and includes hyaluronic acid, both of which seems to work really well for my skin.


And lastly, I picked up this Kiko More Colour lipstick a bit on a whim, while looking for an easy to wear nude and I have to say I really don’t like it at all. I’m usually really happy with Kiko but this was definitely a miss. I picked up the lightest color (01 Billowing Peach) and while it’s pretty, it applies funny and doesn’t look as pretty on me at all. It also really dried out my lips, which are already on the drier side as it is. I passed it on to my mom because she’s a lipstick fanatic and everything looks good on her haha.

Oh, and Chandler. The biggest beauty of them all of course 🙂

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