Declaring Love For Top Knots & Elizabeth Mayville’s Prints

If you read the post script in my post yesterday then you know that my intention to take out my mermaid hair has been postponed for a little while because it turns out they’re still good to go and all I needed was a haircut. In case you didn’t read my post (shame on you) or the post script (what’s up with not finishing?) then I’ll just tell you again. I get to keep my mermaid hair for a little longer because it turns out they’re…just kidding!

Anyhow, since I’ve been enjoying the luxury of having more hair than ever before (even if it technically belonged to someone else before it was artificially fused to my own) I’ve realized that top knots (and not diamonds) are a girl’s best friend. I love top knots, I think they’re stylish, fun and (gasp) sophisticated even. I’m not sure what the opposite sex has to say about them, although I have read somewhere that apparently they aren’t fans. I’m not sure what’s up with that since I’ve never bothered to ask but in case I did and my boyfriend did say he wasn’t a fan I’d probably put my hair in one even more often than I already do (washing long hair is a process OK?).

I mean, how could you not love this?

But since this post isn’t just about my professing profound love for top knots and their awesome abilities to somewhat hide unwashed hair while still looking pulled together, I’ve wanted to show you these super cute top knot prints I stumbled upon the other day from artist Elizabeth Mayville. I’d love to get all three and maybe put them up in my daughter’s room (and secretly wish it was my own). Check out her Etsy shop for more gorgeous illustrations…


And remember keep those knots going!

(Images of the prints via Elizabeth Mayville’s Etsy shop)

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