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A Break (Water & Otherwise)

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a little on the quiet side over here, blog and social media wise after our Easter break but it’s been very busy and with May being a true holiday month over here (I swear there’s a holiday every single week) it’s been hard to narrow down a routine. All the holidays are then extended into long weekends so on some days I literally don’t know anymore if it’s the weekend, a holiday, or just a regular day. I’m not even kidding.

And to top everything off, Vid had a minor car accident about 10 days ago. I say minor because he was fine (Thank God) but the car was pretty much done for so we’ve been getting by with one car only, which for me is really hard because Vid sort of has his own day planned out and needs a car and I’m kind of used to having that independence of having my very own car and just being able to easily get from point A to B without having to coordinate too much. So that’s definitely been fun haha. I forgot we didn’t have a car yesterday so when Vid left for practice, I got the kids dressed to go to the farm only to come down to the parking lot and realize we’ve got no means of transportation. Oh man, mom brain!

I also haven’t been taking out my camera as much since we got back, I’ve got a bunch of photos from Slovenia that still need editing and sorting and so I’ve just kind of been going through the motions on most days and to be completely honest, it’s been making me feel quite disorganized. So this is the week that I attach my head back to my neck and get back into it!

I’m currently doodling all my to-do’s down, meal planning for the week and drafting a few more posts. I can do this, I can do this 🙂

Anyone else in the same boat this time of the year? I swear our whole family (kids included) has been super sleepy and mellow lately. Lara has been snoozing in until 10 AM on the weekend and Lev until 9! Crazy!

Anyways, a few photos from a mid day date with my dude, we don’t have these as often as we used to, but it’s nice to take an hour out of the day to just grab a cup of coffee together and make some plans. Or none haha! My BFF Leja alo got me this cute Equa water bottle and I’ve been absolutely obsessed with it. It’s so freaking cute and practical and I’ve just been taking it everywhere with me. It comes in this felt cozy that you can easily put in your bag, carry around, have on top of your desk. Plus it’s perfect both for cold and warmer days. I love it!

My water drinking skills are notoriously bad but this has definitely been helping and I feel like my body and skin are truly grateful. As am I 🙂