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Let’s Playground with Gathre


One of the things I absolutely can’t imagine life without since having two kids and spending tons of time in parks and the beach in the summer is a good durable mat. A mat that’s easy to carry and easy to clean, that looks nice and that kids will love too.


I absolutely love the romanticism of blankets in a park but truthfully they can get pretty messy and they’re definitely not as easy to clean up. So last year I bought us this incredible leather mat from Gathre (formerly known as Let’s Playground) and I can no longer imagine a park or beach outing without it.


Gathre mats come in different shapes and sizes, ours is a maxi square from last year’s Love Taza collection but I truly love the subtle chic colors available now. The wine and mint are absolutely stunning and I’m sort of fishing for an excuse to get another one. They are made of high quality bonded leather, are super easy to fold and don’t take a lot of space and are easily wipeable. At the beach I clean them off quickly with water and then properly wipe the salt off at home. After a day in the park I just use some baby wipes to clean it off. Really practical, no need for machine washing etc.

As I mentioned, they are really, really well made and you can just tell how durable they are. I’ve even been using at home when we do finger painting or other “artsy” things.

There are four version of the mat: micro, mini, midi and maxi with prices ranging from $20 for the micro to $120 for the maxi.

Have I mentioned how gorgeous they are? Definitely worth it, husband approved and all!