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Lara’s Tinitell Review

I first came across Tinitell a few weeks ago and it was absolutely perfect timing because I had been thinking for a while about how Lari is getting bigger and more independent and how it’s causing me a bit of anxiety when she’s outside in the yard playing with her friends. And since I started working a few months ago, a babysitter now picks her up from school so finding something that would enable me to communicate with her when I’m not there was really high up on my list.

Enter Tinitell, a small wearable watch like device, with no screen (very important to us!) that acts like a mobile phone, a watch and a GPS tracker. What we love most about it is that we can decide how to set it up: which phone numbers she can call and whose calls she receives and that it’s really simple to use with no unnecessary distractions, which is what my biggest problem is with kids and mobile phones anyways.

And truly, I’ve been raving about it to anyone who will listen since we got it. Every single mom I’ve talked to about it thought it was a fantastic idea and such a great transitional piece for when kids start to get more and more independent but they’re still obviously too young to have a mobile phone.

We got a small micro SIM card specifically for it, with 2h worth of minutes per month, which we just added to our own plan for no extra cost. You can store up to 12 numbers on the Tinitell and you can block all calls outside those numbers. So for us it made sense for Lara to have our numbers and those of her grandparents, as well as her babysitter’s. It comes with a free iPhone app (or Android) where you can keep track of the account and its settings.

Lara has been using it for over two weeks now and she’s super happy with it. She says her favorite feature is that she’s able to call us after school or if she’s outside (usually to ask if she can stay for 5 more minutes HAHA). The battery lasts about a day and a half but charges really quickly and she has taken complete responsibility for it and she charges it herself when the battery is low. She’s using it really responsibly too, which was one of my concerns initially. But she really grasped the whole point of it, which makes me really proud.

At first we really considered it as truly just extra reassurance for both of us but it’s actually been so much more than that. Since Vid travels a lot, he is able to reach her if she’s already home and I’m still at work. Her grandparents are able to call her directly and they’ve been chatting a lot more, which I think is great because they’re so far. And if she needs to tell me something about school, like a field trip, or meeting or even a birthday party I still haven’t confirmed (happened twice this week!), she can call me right after school to remind me, before we all forget.

Plus, have you seen how cute they are? They’re super durable, so kids can play worry free and easy to clean with a simple wipe.

I just love this combination of functionality and simplicity but without the distraction for the child. It’s been the perfect transitional solution for our family and we absolutely love it.