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Spring Florals Under 50€

  1. Zara Floral Crossover Jumpsuit / 2. Glamorous Floral Pants / 3. Mango Backpack / 4. ASOS Day Sneakers / 5. Show Pony Maxi Skirt / 6. H&M Floral Dress / 7. Shop Ruche Floral Top

Spring is in full bloom, cherry blossom trees, green everywhere… Allergies haha! I’m loving this time of the year regardless of a stuffy nose because everything is just so pretty and filled with the promise of summer days ahead.

So next up… Florals for spring? In the words of the (in)famous Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada: “Groundbreaking!”

But that’s what’s up folks, so here I am with a selection of items that are as pretty as they can get and all under 50€!

I’m loving all of these, especially the Show Pony maxi skirt, which will transition beautifully into summer. I can’t wait to wear it on our summer holiday this year. Maybe with a cropped top after my BBG is complete LOL?!

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