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Pregnancy, 2nd Time Around


So, my due date is around the corner and I thought I would write a short post about my pregnancy second time around.

First of all, it is nothing like the first pregnancy! The second time around, there is no time to sort of “stop the time” or “freeze the moment” type of thing. With a very jolly, active almost 3 year old, I am basically a mama on the go, all day, every day. Helping to pick up the toys on the floor multiple times a day, going for walks, exploring, doing all kinds of activities… And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Even though, once you step into 7th/8th month of the pregnancy, you slowly start to feel like a whale doing some of the things – especially picking up the toys.

Second time around, you pay less attention to all the body changes. Life goes on and you acknowledge things when they had already happened. Moreover, the first time around you exactly know in which week of the pregnancy you are. I remember I was so curious, I was even reading some articles I signed up for, that told me what is happening to my body and how the baby was developing each week of the pregnancy. Now, I have to double think which week it is and oh my it is going by so fast.

The plus side is definitely the preparation! Yes, you may worry a little bit if the labor will be happening too fast and how the first child will be taken care of while you are in the labor room. But that sort of takes care of itself. It is a natural thing and if everyone have been able to do it, it will be no different in your situation. So back to the preparation! The second time around, most of the things had already been purchased (such as the stroller, car seat, crib, etc.) all you have to do now is to bring them out of the storage room and get them cleaned. I feel as if the second time around you also don’t complicate things as much. You have a better sense of what the necessities are and what the extras are. The preparation is simplified; you wash clothes, pick the first outfit, buy diapers, prepare the bag for the hospital, etc. Everything else can still be done later on or your partner can do it 😉 And if you’re expecting the same sex the second time around, you already have all the clothes!

Btw, I am less than a week away from my due date… let the countdown begin! 🙂

Leja xOxO

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